What to look for in a Wedding chair

22 August 2018


What to look for in a Wedding chair

It is that time of year again where more hearts start beating a little bit faster in anticipation for all types of functions and events, especially weddings. We are excited to help play our part in making all types of events a success. At Function Hiring 4U’s warehouse we like to encourage customers to get a feel of their setup with various mockup rooms and areas.

As simple as it seems there are some important considerations when choosing chairs for your wedding, event or special occasion. The first thoughts are usually what is going to fit into your colour scheme and what does renting a chair cost, or does the venue provide chairs themselves. Everybody wants the best wedding, function or event with that WOW factor at the most competitive price. We are pleased that we are able to play a part in making that happen.  We offer a high quality product at a very competitive price.

What influences the WOW factor for your guests is first interactions they have with your reception venue in terms of experience and what they see. Items that influence this are usually decor and centrepieces, lighting, music, draping and the style of chair which rounds the table off. You can make any venue look great with the correct complement of decor and lighting. It is important to select the correct chair for your special occasion.

Regarding your chair selection it is important to consider the following:

What are the most typical type of chairs

  • Normal plastic
  • Tiffany
  • Phoenix
  • Wimbledon
  • Bar chairs
  • Occasional & lounge Chairs
  • Bride and Groom chairs

Things to consider when choosing a chair are the following:

Colour of Chair

  • Does the colour of the chair compliment your colour scheme?
  • Are there other contrasting colours that support your existing colour selection of chair?

Quality of Chair

  • When you sit on the chair does it feel stable?
  • Can it handle the needed weight for all of your guests?
  • If you have selected to have a beach wedding will the legs of the chair sink into the sand making the seat of the chair unlevel or awkward to sit on?
  • How likely are the chairs to break and for you to have to pay for unnecessary breakage fees?
  • What is the weight limit of a chair? The that we provide have a 150kg weight limit although we have never had a chair break from someone sitting on it.
  • Importantly, is the chair made out of wood, resin, aluminium or plastic? Wood generally tends to have the paint peel or chip off and if not maintained properly can look cheap and ugly;  plastic is usually brittle and thin and breaks easily; aluminium or steel chairs are usually cold to the touch and very rigid and sometimes uncomfortable to sit on; we recommend resin chairs are they offer the best feel, flexibility, weight allowance and colour consistency in the market.  Be sure to ask the company you hiring from which type of material the chair is made of.

Things to look out for

  • For a wooden chair is the paint chipping off or the screws loose on the chair itself?
  • For a resin chair is the base of the seat thin, and does it look disproportionate to the rest of the chair?
  • Does the chair have its natural colour or does it look like it has been spray painted?
  • Does the chair feel brittle to the touch?
  • Is it comfortable to sit on?
  • Are the cushions of good quality and are they comfortable and clean?

What is the correct type of chair for your venue or environment

Wimbledon Chair

  • Ideal for beach weddings as it has a broad foot that does not easily sink into the sand. The wimbledon chair is also a popular chair out outdoor ceremonies such as on grass as the chair does not sink into the ground.

Tiffany & Phoenix Chair

  • The tiffany and phoenix chairs are best used within venues and with their different colours and shapes provide for a variety in look and feel to compliment your wedding venue and decor selection.
  • They also work very well for small functions at home as you will be able to fit more people around the table compared with conventional dining room chairs.

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